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Upcoming Yoga Holidays & Retreats

Yoga holidays and retreats

I bring 25 years yoga teaching experience to these retreats and holidays and have led residential yoga courses since 2003; they are an ideal way to recharge your batteries and immerse yourself in yoga practice for a period of time away from life's normal pressures and chores. 

The tone and structure of my retreats and holidays

The tone of my courses is a balance between intensive retreat and holiday. The whole day is not structured around yoga practices but that said, there is between 3 and 4 hours formal yoga practice a day split into two or three sessions, which is a fairly intensive experience depending on what you are used to. The daily schedule is listed on each retreat/holiday page. Generally: plenty of yoga and also plenty of free time for other activities, walking, socialising, massage, sleeping - as you like. I also value the community building element of retreats . Many long term friendships have formed on these courses.

Yoga experience

My courses are open to students of all levels of experience from beginners to those teaching yoga. A full range of practices will be taught, but those with less experience will be working at the level appropriate for them. If you are a beginner you will benefit most from a residential course if you can do at least a few classes before signing up, but that said you can join up with no experience provided you have no serious health issues or physical problems. In general if you do have any significant health issues, it would be wise to check with your doctor or health professional that yoga is a suitable activity for your condition. Please feel free to e mail or phone me on 07915 650106 if you want to discuss your yoga experience, the nature of the classes or any health concerns.

Venues and accomodation

Everywhere I work has simple but comfortable accomodation. Prices reflect the standard of facilities.

Currently I mainly teach at Bala Brook,  a residential centre on Dartmoor in Devon , which in my opinion is a special place. 

In general I try only to teach in places that are 'real' and reflect something of the character, culture and quirks of their country/region whether that be Dartmoor in Devon, Spain , Turkey or wherever. The venues are usually not sanitised spa experiences, but they are all comfortable and relaxed. They all offer varying additional facilities and services such as a swimming pool, the beach, massage treatments or guided walks or trips out; depending on the place.


Food is always great in residential yoga centres! It is usually vegetarian, though some places may offer fish and/or meat as an option. In Devon all meals are provided and teas, coffees and snacks are available at all times for free. Abroad most meals are provided but some other snacks and drinks may cost extra

Booking and payment - Devon courses

To book on any of the Dartmoor residential courses please read all the course information and fill in the form  on the relevant page before paying to check the type of room you would like is available if you have a preference. You can either pay by bank transfer , please email for details -  and then please e mail or text to say you have done it,  or you can also pay by debit or credit card through Pay Pal via the buttons on the relevant retreat pages. Deposits are non refundable and non transferable. Any differences must be paid at least two weeks before we start. Two weeks before the course no refund is possible, please consider taking out travel insurance to cover any eventualities.  Feel free to call/text/WhatsApp 07915 650106 or email if you want to discuss anything.

Holidays abroad 

None at present - watch this space.


Yoga Holidays Abroad

None at present , watch this space.  


If you have any questions about the yoga or the venues please don't hesitate to e mail or call/text/WhatsApp 07915 650106