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The next online Yoga Course will start in January/February  2021, and will focus on yoga's potential therapeutic applications. Dates and details will follow shortly.   

General Information .

Welcome to the online yoga class and course page . If you are interested in online classes and courses please e mail your interest on the contact page. 

The link for online classes will be sent at the beginning of each week once you are registered for a class or course .


Wednesday Mornings 9.30 - 11.15ish am 

September 30th , October 7th, 21st, 28th , November 4th , 11th ( no class on October 14th ) . I hope the syllabus will help answer some questions about yoga theory and practice. No doubt it will raise questions too; your questions will help enrich the course for all of us, so please make the most of the opportunities to ask. If I , or any of you, know the answer then great, but there are plenty of inponderables in yoga !  

  • Opportunities to ask questions will be either live before or after the class, or by e mail and I will answer them next lesson or via e mail in person if it's an individual question.  
  • Classes will be about 15 minutes introduction of theory and 90 minutes practice including asanas ( postures ) pranayama ( breathing practices) and meditation.
  • There are flexible payment options according to your circumstances - I have decided not to cap numbers to accommodate this (within reason).
  • If you can’t attend live you can purchase the videos at a reduced rate .   
  • Please e mail to let me know if you want to come and I’ll add you to the e mail register and you will be sent the class link at the begiining of each week.
  • I will send video links for all class for you to keep . 

Payment -  please choose one of the pay pal options opposite or below according to your ability to pay at this time. You can either pay per class or for the whole course. I will also e mail BACs information to everyone once you’re registered if you prefer to pay that way. 


1. September 30th


Getting ‘in’ the body / embodiment in yoga - what does it mean ? 

Core movement principles for asana/posture work:  balancing support and movement, working with gravity, yield and push , making space , centring , connecting, cohesion, breathing . 

Asanas and meditation as a framework for exploration.


Asanas - standing poses , forward bends.  Pranayama - Ujjayi, victorious breath.  Concentration and meditation  . 

2. October 7th


Vinyasa Krama ( incremental yoga practice - building foundations and moving forwards) 

Transitions , autonomy , attitude , strain , pain, habits , blockages .

Variations in asana and why they exist , internal alignment .


Asanas - hips and  shoulders.  Pranayama - square breathing. Meditation 

3. October 21st


Bandhas - perineum, diaphragm, head position - support and space within a whole body story . What is the core and its role in yoga ? 

Autonomy - being captain of your own ship, element theory / Ayurveda, know yourself and what you need/don’t need for balance and health.


Twists , backbends.  Pranayama - viloma - ladder breathing. Meditation.

4. October 28th  


Hatha Yoga - Ha and Tha of the body . Support areas and free areas . Left and right , front and back of the body . 

Every movement in asana contains its opposite .

Koshas - layers in the body - imprints on the body. 


Backbends , exploring inversions and preparations . Pranayama - Kumbhaka - breath retention  . Meditation . 

5. November 4th 


Joints as junctions in the body / Spinal junctions . 

Body asymmetries - do they matter ? How shall we work with them ? 


Asana - flow practice exploring left and right sides followed by sitting poses . 

Pranayama - Nadi Sodhana - alternate nostril breathing. Meditation 

6. November 11th 


Review of movement principles 

There’s only one movement in yoga  - finding the key in every pose. 

Structured practice or freestyle creative practice ? 


General Asana practice . Pranayama - Bramari ( Bee Breath ). Meditation . 

Zoom Information . 

The class will be conducted on Zoom so you either need to download the Zoom App to your phone or tablet or it works on a laptop / PC via the Zoom website . You don’t need to pay any money to Zoom but creating a free account maybe helpful . I’ve paid the upgrade so we don’t have any time limit issues .

I will open the classroom at 9 am to give us time to sort any glitches , once you've pressed on the meeting link above then follow the online instructions including press ‘with computer audio' and I should see you . Any problems text or phone me on 07915 650106 and I will try to help ( please come early enough to class ) . When we first meet I will keep you all ‘ unmuted ‘ so we can talk , but during the class I will need to mute you all or the sound gets messed up, at the end I will unmute again .


Class or course payment .
Nev's Online Yoga Class/Course

Online Yoga Classes / Courses .