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 Online Yoga Classes with Nev

General Information .

Welcome to the online yoga class page . If you are interested in the online class please e mail your interest on the contact page, especially if you haven't been before . The link for the online class will be put below each week with the date so you know the class is on . 

Yoga is likely to remain online for the foreseeable future so I will attempt to make the class as informative as possible to help support your home practice . Each week we will explore some core yoga principles together . After the introduction of some ideas the class is a led class for the most part - I cannot correct you individually during the class as there are too many of you, and even if not then two dimensional views on a screen are limited .Your questions before or afterwards are welcome or if you're attending regularly please feel free to e mail questions here . 

The class is run on Zoom  - some instructions for Zoom are below in case you are not familiar with it. If the class is not running, or you're not able to attend the class live, or you just want the recordings to practice with -  I can send recordings of previous classes for your practice; this is only possible via Google Drive as the recordings are too big to send on a normal e mail . 


Wednesday Mornings 9.30 - 11 am ( maybe slightly after 11 if we chat much at the beginning )

Meeting Link for Wednesday Classes - this will be e mailed each week in advance. If you're not already on the mailing list for the class then please email to register. 

Please feel free to sign in early for a chat or ask any yoga related questions - we may stay a little afterwards for any further questions . 

Payment -  please choose one of the pay pal options opposite according to your ability to pay at this time, or e mail me for bank details if you prefer. If your finances don't allow you to pay at this time it can be free, no problem , I trust you to make the honest decision .

Zoom Information . 

The class will be conducted on Zoom so you either need to download the Zoom App to your phone or tablet or it works on a laptop / PC via the Zoom website . You don’t need to pay any money to Zoom but creating a free account maybe helpful . I’ve paid the upgrade so we don’t have any time limit issues .

I will open the classroom at 9 am to give us time to sort any glitches , once you've pressed on the meeting link above then follow the online instructions including press ‘with computer audio' and I should see you . Any problems text or phone me on 07915 650106 and I will try to help ( please come early enough to class ) . When we first meet I will keep you all ‘ unmuted ‘ so we can talk , but during the class I will need to mute you all or the sound gets messed up, at the end I will unmute again .


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Online Yoga Classes