Sports and Remedial Massage

Sports and Remedial Massage

Sports and Remedial Massage, sometimes now referred to as Soft Tissue Therapy, initially evolved out of a need for deep tissue more treatment orientated massage as distinct from more pampering massages. It was initially for sports people, dancers and very active people who wanted to get support for their activities. It is though equally relevant for anyone less active suffering with pain or discomfort due to repetitive postural patterns or stress, both of which can cause muscular tension, pain or stiffness.

Techniques and approach. 

Sports/Remedial Massage uses a range of techniques including : 

  • Effluerage 
  • Petrissage
  • Deep Tissue Techniques
  • Neuromuscular Techniques
  • Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Soft Tissue Release
  • Positional Release Technique
  • Myofascial Techniques  

Despite the rather sciencey and technical descriptions of Sports/Remedial massage , it is a holistic treatment form and the beneficial effects of these techniques and massage in general come from the overall approach of the therapist as much as the individual component parts.

Massage treatment in general doesn't lend itself very well to hard science methods of testing and measurement but despite that there is science based rationale for much of what massage therapists do. 

Booking in and Costs   

I'm currently studying Soft Tissue Therapy B tech level 5  at the London School of Sports Massage . Consequently I'm able to offer Sports/Remedial  Massage treatments on a donation basis until I qualify in October 2018 . You will also get the benefit of the fact that I have 20 years practice experience in Thai Massage . I have student insurance to practice .

I'm available at OLA Chiropractic Centre everyday from February 5th. To book and/or to discuss your needs in advance please either e mail or text or call 07915 650106. Google map directions to OLA are here .

If there's a need to cancel an appointment please give minimum 24 hours notice so I can organise my time. 

What happens at your first treatment ?

When you arrive we'll discuss your relevant medical history and your reasons for coming for massage. Please allow an extra 15 minutes for the first session. After that treatment will be either 90 minutes, an hour or 40 minutes depending on what's needed or what you would like . 

Treatment will generally be on a futon mattress with supports as that is my preferred mode after 20 years practicing Thai massage . But if you would prefer to be on a table I'm comfortable working on that too .  I will lend you appropriate clothing for the massage and/or provide blankets or towels to cover areas we're not working on. 

Further General Information and FAQ’S

Sports and Remedial Massage AND BODY PAIN CONDITIONS

Some body pain can be resolved in one or two sessions of Sports massage, however some pain issues that have been building up for a longer time due to physical imbalance or chronic tension will take longer to resolve. In these cases three to six treatments fairly close together can make a significant difference. Some problems can be resolved, and some managed, depending on the severity of their nature and how long they have been present.


Not  in a unpleasant way. Deep tissue massage techniques on blocked or tight areas can feel like a good, relieving 'pain' , but it should generally have a relaxing element to it.  I would always ask permission before any deeper work. It's always a balance , but for many people deeper pressure massage is ultimately more relaxing and effective than something that is too light.  


Much of the work is directly on skin using a wax or lubricant . But many techniques are equally or more effective through light clothes. As I've practiced Thai massage for a long time I've very used to working both on skin and through clothes . So either I can lend you some light, loose clothes to work on and under or you can borrow shorts and we can use towels to cover areas we're not working on - the choice is yours. 


Sports massage is holistic in approach and aims to support and enhance the natural healing and self-rejuvenating capacities of body and mind. Much illness, disease and body pain is caused by the effects of stress and/or postural, lifestyle and occupational issues on our minds and bodies. Sports Massage is an excellent way to relieve these tensions and strains. If you have an illness, disease or problem being treated by a doctor, on the whole there should be no containdication to receive Sports Massage at the same time - the two should be mutually supportive. In general though if you are being treated by a doctor,  it's a good idea to get their advice/permission regarding the suitability of massage for your condition.  


If you are in acute or unusual pain, Sports massage may not the place to start and a visit to your doctor  maybe more appropriate to get a more in depth diagnosis. That said I have helped people in acute body pain and massage can  be helpful to calm down muscle spasm and associated tension.  If in doubt feel free to call 07915 650106 or e mail.


Having for example 45 minutes Sports massage followed by 45 minutes reflexology or more or less of either can be a great combination. Prices would be according to length of time - please ask.


If you have any further questions or to book please e mail or call 07915 650106






Benefits of Sports/Remedial Massage.  

The techniques are all designed to improve the condition and function of muscles, tendons, joints and fascia. 

In addition remedial and movement awareness exercises are a useful extension of treatment to help promote healthy movement patterns overall and reduce the risk of problems reoccuring. 

In this way it can help:

  • To prevent injury threatening conditions building up by addressing imbalanced, overworked or heavily used areas of the body.
  • Promote recovery after periods of activity.
  • Support the healing process after muscular/soft tissue injury.
  • As general maintainence to keep us functioning at the best level possible.
  • Address the general aches and pains of life. 
  • Release stress related patterns of tension in the body